Abd Al-Aziz Sood Al-Babtain and his sons company established in 1958 which was the beginning for promoting consumable substances in Kuwait markets. The company’s activity spread to the Saudi Arabia Kingdome too.

The company still depends on its commercial line upon these consumable products whereas it is the only distributor in Kuwait for many international companies and this work has spread into other commercial disciplines as the electrical and electronic devices then to foodstuffs.
After this the company expanded to the industrial sector by establishing many factories in the Saudi Arabia Kingdome by using international experiences. The company’s work expanded to other sectors such as entertainment, educational, and Real estate sectors beside other investment projects in many countries in the world. The company has many international correlations with many companies, financial institutions and international banks.  
The company depends in performing its diverse works upon high qualified manpower with experience where it has qualified staff educationally and professionally. This contributes in developing the company.