Al-Babtain Group Company has a group of leading companies in distributing international products and in managing sales where it has qualified and trained sales team with the modern educational and technical methods. It also has distributing fleet which covers most of Kuwait areas.
The company through its products in foodstuffs, consumable, electrical and electronic devices keep its leading center in terms of increasing the marketing quota year after year and the distribution size which covers the wholesale markets, co-ops, supermarkets and groceries.
The company adopted the external investment system since the sixties from the last century in modest sizes at the beginning. The interest in this project has continued for many years where its geographical area increased to cover most of the world countries. These investments have varied to include real estate investments and transactions with shares, debentures and stocks. This sector has professions and managers with quality working to develop this sector and establishing the financial conservatism and engaging in many contributions with international investment houses.

For the company’s future plans are continued in developing its services keeping up with the modern technology for gaining first  the customers’ trust  then to keep the company’s reputation and finally to keep the leading center from its establishment.