The success of Al-Babtain Company and its reputation has been built on the principles of justice and ethical behavior with staff. The good reputation requires precise control of the spirit and the literature of the laws and regulations in force in the audit and the high standards of conduct of integrity the continued success of Al Babtain return of confidence and we are keen to maintain this trust. And on the staff duty towards Al-Babtain Company, its customers and its shareholders is to work the way you check out the continuation of the confidence of Babtain Company is subject to all laws and regulations in Kuwait and expects the D Raihoomsiouliha and all employees follow the same behavior and not violate laws and refrain from acts of unfair and non-Alokhalaqah.mozvon are the most important assets of the company because each employee represents Babtain with clients and people. And the way it does our work reflect the full image of our institution. Customers will judge us by the employee deal with them style. The piece of the most important priorities of our work is how to help our customers and deal with them in the best way. Nothing is more important than to be a friend to Atif--specific and quick to draw the attention of customers. The Al-Babtain Company is working to train all employees on how to provide services to the customer and the relationship with him through contact condenser with him. The Itisaluna Profile with people and our way of polite on the phone and our messages that we send to customers not only reflect our personalities, but our professionalism in Babtain Oadaalalaqh company positive with customers not only improve the company's image but increase customer loyalty and increase sales and profits.

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